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Even if our company is based in Germany, we gladly consider assignments that require fluency in English or Dutch.

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ICT infrastructure professionals since 1999

Ocean Consulting GmbH

Since 1999 Ocean Consulting GmbH built a track record for offering professional services for large scale ICT infrastructure projects. We do conceptual design work for Windows Server- or Datacenter environments. In addition to this, we design and/or manage ICT deployement scenarios.

Our main focus is to support our clients' ICT infrastructure projects, most notably in the field of high avialability, networking (distributed computing), virtualisation, as well as adapting existing infrastructure to new or future requirements.

Your ICT infrastructure consultants

The following few summaries allow a concise overview of the kind of client projects Ocean Consulting GmbH was involved in:

Banking sector

For a German national bank, Ocean Consulting GmbH supported a Data Warehousing project.
Among our tasks was the conceptual design of a Data-Staging and a Data- Cube SQL cluster servers as well as a Sharepoint reporting front-end. Also we guided a software house that needed to deploy their application on the two cluster servers.

Mobile phone carrier

A global mobile phone carrier seeked help from Ocean Consulting GmbH for some of their projects in Germany.
One of our tasks was to design and implement a Quality Control system that manages planning and execution phases of large-scale migration projects. Also we were directly involved with the planning and execution of a client-/server roll-out project.


A datacenter invited Ocean Consulting GmbH to manage the integration of client IT-systems with those in the datacenter.
To this end, we designed and managed the integration process, during which we managed both datacenter and client employees.
Daily reporting to the stakeholders on both sides was another of the tasks allotted to us.

What about your ICT-project?

We're keen to show how Ocean Consulting GmbH can be of assistance to your project, from early planning stages to project completion. We kindly invite you to visit our contact details page to get the ball rolling.